Offer your patients premium dry eye care

Most dry eye products are sold without eyecare professional guidance.

Daily Intensive

Sensitive eyes

Mild to moderate symptoms

All-day soothing

Intensive Gel

Sensitive eyes

Moderate to severe symptoms

Extended, durable relief

Premium Dry Eye Relief

For patients with dry eye symptoms, lubricating, preservative-free Evolve™ eye drops are the essential foundation for any successful treatment plan.

The Evolve™ range provides clinicians two complementary formulations that contain premium sodium hyaluronate 0.2% in drop and gel-drop form. They are appropriate for patients with mild, moderate and severe dry eye symptoms.

Secure, antimicrobial twist-cap with blue aiming tip

Compatible with soft and hard contact lenses

350+ micro-sized drops in 10 mL bottle

Non-blurring formulations

Patented PureFlow™ Tip Technology

Soft sides for easy drop dispensing

A Partnership to Improve Canadian Eye Care

Aequus Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing Canadians with the highest quality, trusted eye care products through an authorized dealer network.

At Aequus Pharmaceuticals, we believe patients can only receive the full benefit of our products when they are diagnosed, prescribed, and monitored by eye care professionals.

Protect Clinic Finances

Many Canadian optometrists are compensated for only a fraction of the cost to administer a comprehensive eye exam.

Evolve™ eye drops provide ECPs with an exclusive line of premium products that will not be sold on any non-professional online websites, grocery, pharmacy or mass retailers.  

Help Your Patients

The Evolve™ formulations, bottle and tip have been specifically designed with input from patients and ECP’s and in alignment with the guidelines for dry eye treatment contained in the DEWS II report. Therapeutic products, exclusive to your clinic, are critical to patient treatment, compliance, and loyalty to your practice.

Use Our Resources to Educate

Aequus is continually building out resources that support patient dry eye education and daily ocular self-care. Resources are informed by the valuable input of Canadian ECPs. 

The fastest growing, clinician-recommended Hyaluronate eye drop in the UK.

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