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If you suffer from dry eyes, we offer high quality, preservative, and phosphate-free, doctor recommended dry eye products to help you provide all day relief from dry eye symptoms. 

Evolve™ Dry Eye Relief products are available only through local Optometrists’ and Ophthalmologists’ offices.

At Aequus we believe patients can only receive the full benefit of our products when they are diagnosed, prescribed, and monitored by eye care professionals.

If you would like to find a doctor near you that carries our Evolve™ Dry Eye Relief products, please use our clinic finder below.

Evolve TM Daily Intensive Drops

Evolve® Daily Intensive drops are ideal for sensitive eyes and mild to moderate dry eye symptoms.

✓ Sensitive eyes

✓ Mild to moderate symptoms

✓ All-day soothing

Evolve TM Intensive Gel Drops

Evolve® Intensive Gel drops are ideal for sensitive eyes and intensive durability for moderate to severe dry eye symptoms.

✓ Sensitive eyes

✓ Moderate to severe symptoms

✓ Extended, durable relief