Tips to Avoid Dry Eye

Tips to Avoid Dry Eye

If you've ever been burdened by the symptoms of dry eyes, you know just how dire a solution can feel. Dry eyes are more than just an itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable feeling that can impact your vision and your ability to function day to day. To help you manage these symptoms, here are a few treatments and tips to avoid dry eyes. Incorporating these into your daily routine can protect your eyes from decreased vision and poor function due to dry eyes.


Tips & Treatments

Reduce Screen Time

The blue lights reflecting from your computer, phone and television screen every day are a strain on your eyes. In fact, “blue light exposure might be harmful to visual function in patients.” To avoid any potential damage caused by overexposure to blue light, make an effort to reduce your daily screen time.


Use Preservative Free Drops

Natural tears are your body's way of moisturizing and soothing your eyes. However, if your body is struggling to produce enough tears, or isn't producing the best quality tears, your eyes can become dry too quickly. To combat this, try using preservative-free eye drops to lubricate and protect your eyes.


Apply a Warm Mask

Some glands around your eyes are responsible for the production of necessary oils. Sometimes these oils can clog the glands or the glands can become inflamed. To correct this, close your eyes and apply a warm mask of 40-42°C (108°F) for at least 10 minutes. This can help liquify the oils that may have built up.


Clean Eyelids

Cleaning your eyelids is an afterthought for most people. Yet, proper eyelid hygiene is very important for the health of your eyes, and for preventing dry eyes. When cleaning your eyelids, be gentle. The skin is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. After washing your hands, add warm water and a mild cleaning solution to a clean washcloth. Close your eyes and gently wipe your lashes and the margins of your eyelids with the cloth. Rinse your eyes with warm water, then pat dry with another fresh, clean cloth. You can clean your eyelids 1-2 times a day to maintain proper eyelid hygiene.


Be Aware of Certain Medications

Some over-the-counter and prescription medications can be the root of your dry eye symptoms. Check out the ones listed here, and if you think medication may be the cause of your dry eye symptoms, consider speaking with your healthcare provider about alternatives. 


Make Healthy Choices

Making healthy lifestyle choices can do more for you than increase energy. By ensuring that you are getting enough sleep, having nutrient-dense meals (omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, DHA fish oils or natural oils, and green leafy vegetables), and engaging in physical activity, you can help your whole body function better, including your eyes.


A Powerful Ally for Dry Eyes

Dry Eye disease is complex with many contributing factors. To reduce the symptoms, whether mild, moderate, or severe, consider using Evolve eye drops.

Evolve eye drops – available at an eye care professional near you – are gentle on the eyes and designed to manage dry eye symptoms.

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