Preservative free eye drops

The Benefits of Preservative Free Eye Drops

Eye drops are a highly effective way of treating the symptoms of dry eye. At Aequus, we believe in attacking the root cause of the problem to deliver long-lasting relief to those who need it most. Our Evolve™ Eye Drop range use a natural formula that’s free from preservatives and phosphates. They are gentle on the eye, and second-to-none at tackling severe dry eye symptoms. 

If you’re considering your dry eye treatment options, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from preservative free eye drops.

Promote Natural Tear Creation

When eyes are suffering from a lack of moisture, they can feel dry, itchy, irritated and look red. The natural tear film is our body’s barrier that prevents this from happening. Preservative free eye drops work to enhance this natural defense, increasing water retention and coating the ocular surface with a durable layer of moisture.

Lubricates the Eye Surface

Each of our Evolve™ Eye Drops contains the natural lubricant Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is present everywhere in our bodies, in areas such as joints, skin and connective tissues. Water molecules are attracted to Hyaluronic Acid, meaning it works over time to ensure constant lubrication of the eye. Another incredible benefit of HA is that it helps to heal the ocular surface while acting as a natural barrier to further damage.

Protect from Environmental Factors

So much of our daily lives takes a toll on our eyes. Whether it’s caused by cold winter conditions, wind or even dust, our eyes need a consistent defense to prevent dry eye from developing. Preservative free eye drops maintain this important defensive barrier, lubricating the eyes while naturally shielding them from outside threats.

Evolve Preservative Free Eye Drops Are Here to Help

Don’t fall into the trap of using dry eye drops with preservatives. Our preservative-free Evolve Eye Drop range is available in two varieties: Daily Intensive Eye Drops, and our Intensive Gel Drops. Both products are highly engineered to provide immediate, long-lasting relief delivered in an easy-squeeze bottle. Use our Clinic Locator to find your nearest Evolve retailer.


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