Understanding Dry Eye

Everything You Need to Know About Summer and Fall Dry Eye

Deep blue skies, blazing afternoon sun, the smoky aroma of someone barbecuing in your neighbourhood. Summer in Canada is in full swing, and Fall is around the corner, and we’ve been enjoying hotter than normal temperatures across the country. You may be eager to jump in the nearest pool or sip on an ice-cold drink, but are your dry eyes interfering with your enjoyment?   

If you struggle with symptoms of dry eyes, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with this condition. The good news is that you don’t need to put your life on hold. The innovative Evolve™ Dry Eye formulas, are part of easy self-care steps you can take to manage your dry eyes.  

Here is our guide to summer and fall dry eye management, so you can get back to enjoying the fleeting days of summer and all year round. 


What causes dry eye in the summer and fall?

Seasonal and chronic dry eyes are most often caused by a lack of moisture or an imbalance of your tears, especially if you spend time outdoors or in air-conditioned rooms. Air outside and A/C blowing indoors strips away the crucial moisture your eyes need, leaving your eyes feeling dry and irritated. Dry eyes can cause a burning sensation, an uncomfortable gritty sensation, transient blurry vision, or a soreness. It may also make your eyes sensitive to light or cause an excess of tearing without relief.  


How to look after your eyes in the summer and into the fall 

Preventing and treating dry eyes is important. There are several things you can do to help look after your eyes during the summer and fall months: 

  • Wear sunglasses outdoors in the daytime 
  • Use a humidifier indoors if needed to reach a humidity level between 50% and 60% 
  • Manage prolonged exposure to air conditioning (if temperatures are safe to do so)  
  • Avoid extreme windy weather if possible 
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid prolonged electronic screen time (Computer, tablet, & cell phones) 
  • Use a preservative-free eye drop like Evolve™ Daily Intensive and Evolve™ Intensive Gel formulated with ingredients that lubricate, soothe and protect your eyes. 


How to get more support for summer and fall dry eye 

While there is no instant cure for dry eye disease, most people can manage it by following the tips listed above. Visit your trusted eye care professional. Your doctor will recommend a personalized plan that best suits your existing condition.  


Give your eyes the relief they need this summer and fall with Evolve™ Eye Drops 

While there are many products for dry eyes, the solution is using effective and safe preservative-free formulas in a multi-dose bottle. Preservative-free eye drops are designed to deliver a sterile drop free from anti-bacterial agents that can sensitize or irritate your eyes.   

Discover our preservative-free Evolve™ Eye Drop Range: Daily Intensive Drops, and our Intensive Gel Drops. Both products are scientifically designed to provide long-lasting relief, delivered from an easy-squeeze bottle with a blue aiming tip. Use our Clinic Locator to find your nearest Evolve™ clinic.  Remember, Evolve drops are found exclusively at eye care practitioners. Ask for Evolve™ by name. 

By making use of these tips and taking a proactive approach towards your eye care this summer and fall, you will be able to enjoy your activities in comfort. 


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