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5 Tips to Reduce Winter Dry Eye Symptoms

Winter has arrived across Canada delivering its usual chilly temperatures and cold, dry air. As we hunker down for the season, many of us are also dealing with the return of another unwelcome seasonal visitor: Winter Dry Eyes.

It’s estimated over 6 million Canadians deal with dry eye disease and chronic dry eye symptoms each winter. A combination of harsh winds and dry heat indoors wreaks havoc on our eyes, stripping away the moisture we rely on for normal function. This leads to dry and irritated eyes that can cause pain, blurred vision, and even a nasty burning sensation.

Fortunately, dry eye symptoms are something you don’t need to suffer with. Alongside Aequus’ pioneering Evolve Dry Eye Treatment, there are plenty of small and meaningful steps you can take to prevent winter dry eye. Here are our top 5 tips to reduce winter dry eye symptoms and get back to living life to the full.

Keep Hydrated

One of the easiest and most effective way to avoid severe dry eye symptoms is to ensure you’re drinking plenty of water. Not only will this contribute to an overall healthier feeling, it also works to keep your skin looking youthful and your eyes hydrated. While this step alone won’t completely eliminate winter dry eye, it will lessen your symptoms dramatically. Partnered with our Evolve Eye Drops, it should prove more than enough to keep dry eye at bay.

Wear Sunglasses Outdoors

Earlier, when discussing what causes dry eyes, we mentioned how harsh winter winds can play havoc with our eye’s moisture levels. Sunglasses featuring polarized lenses act as a highly effective barrier, shielding eyes from wind and harmful UV rays. In many parts of Canada, sunglasses are also essential for reducing glare from snow They’re a powerful ally in your seasonal fight against winter dry eye symptoms.

Consider a Humidifier

Now that we’ve touched upon protecting yourself outdoors, it’s time to consider prevention measures within your home. We all like to crank our heating each winter to stay toasty but this dry heat causes tears to evaporate and leads to dry eyes. Consider installing a humidifier to address this issue. Find a smaller model that you can easily move around your home, keeping moisture in the air and helping to prevent dry heat from causing issues.

Keep Your Eyelids Clean

Our eyelids play a crucial role in keeping our eyes hydrated. For starters, they contain tiny oil producing glands that help to maintain moisture levels within the eye and ensure tears don’t evaporate too quickly. Unfortunately, debris and make-up can easily clog our eyelids, preventing them from playing their vital role in preventing dry eyes.

Take a Rest from Screens

How many hours a day do you spend looking at a screen? For many of us, our working lives revolve around staring at a screen all day. When we finish, we reward ourselves by switching to a different screen. Unfortunately, this can cause us to subconsciously blink less and exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Consider taking a break from screens for 15-minutes each hour and remember to blink.

Find Winter Dry Eye Relief with Evolve Eye Drops

Don’t suffer needlessly with dry eye symptoms this winter. Our Evolve Eye Drop range is available in two varieties: Daily Intensive Eye Drops, and our Intensive Gel Drops. Both products are highly engineered to provide immediate, long-lasting relief delivered in an easy-squeeze bottle. Use our Clinic Locator to find your nearest Evolve retailer.


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